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Instructor led courses to help engineering teams evaluate, plan and grow. With unmatched experience in infrastructure automation, web development, network services and digital transformation, we can provide high quality training and workshops built around your team’s needs

In a fast-evolving business and technological world, we cannot afford to stay still. We provide a full suite of instructor-led training and education services to help your team stay on top. From the latest network automation strategies to DevOps/NetOps approaches or even introductions or advancement training on infrastructure automation tools such as Terraform, Ansible or Chef, we can support you.

Our courses are made-to-measure, based entirely on your requirements and led by instructors who have worked at the top of their respective fields of expertise. We follow a standard series of educational best practices including a focus on data-driven continuous improvement, hands-on training, real-life scenarios and positive reinforcement.

Empower your team to reach their potential through our courses in topics as varied as: network services, web development, REST and SOAP APIs, infrastructure automation, DevOps as a creed, DevOps specifics (Kubernetes, Ansible, etc.), coding with Python and many more.

  • Classroom, instructor-led courses
  • High quality trainings for teams or 1-to-1 crash courses
  • Hands-on workshops tailored per customer needs
  • Data-driven learning focus
  • Wide range of network skills, DevOps/NetOps and infrastructure topics

DevOps mindset

After Agile, there was DevOps (and, alongside it, NetOps). It’s a cultural methodology and way of thinking that is at the very center of operations, testing and development. Our introductory training covers what this mindset means, its business value, goals and what it entails in practice. It also covers the main tools of the trade, from Git to Kubernetes.

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Automating your infrastructure

With a focus on unique, real-life content, our infrastructure automation course aims to give you the practical skills to automate and manage infrastructure provisioning and software delivery. We look at how Python can help as well as the main tools.

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