Network services

Smarter, simplified IT

We specialise in developing, modernising and simplifying networks so that they are flexible, autonomous and built around our clients’ specific needs. We employ software-defined-networking and network functions virtualization to help you to use resources more efficiently and ensure optimal performance and reliability. Whether you are at day 2 of a greenfield installation or repurposing a legacy environment, we can help turn your network into a live organism which you can control, monitor, automate and scale at will to the benefit of your entire organization

Our network services are designed to modernize and simplify your networks. we ensure underlying data flows are reliable, stable and secure at all times thanks to software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV).

By using NFV and SDN together, we can separate the control and data layers and replace complex network functions, whilst reducing power consumption and increasing physical space. Bringing the management of virtual and physical network functions under one roof reduces the complexity of adopting new technology and enables support for innovative service offers for customers: making large steps towards business transformation even before the underlying technological transformation.

Lay the foundation of innovative services and digital experiences for your customers while keeping operational costs down and performance up.

  • Ideal both for greenfield or legacy environments
  • Reduce operational overheads and gain an easier-to-control and scale network
  • Telecom, ISP, DC and Enterprise Networks
  • Public and Private Clouds
  • Network design, implementation and support

Easy troubleshooting

Thanks to VFN, we enable customers to fix problems quickly, and in some cases even ahead of time, as well as shift traffic around based on service needs and reconfigure the network on demand – irrespective of whether your machines are on-premises or in the cloud. 

Simply future-proof

By adopting SDN, network services can be configured and virtual resources allocated to make real time optimizations and changes to the network configuration by a central admin. This level of optimization is crucial to the success of forward-thinking technologies such as IoT, big data, asset virtualization, hybrid IT and more.

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