Infrastructure Automation: Framework setup and automation tasks development ​

Duration: 18 months
Customer: Amadeus Data Processing GmbH, Berghamer Str. 6, 85435 Erding

What did we do?

Adriatic Networks delivered automation solution services to Amadeus Data Processing (ADP) through Personal Phoenix GmbH, a leading service supplier, in order to advance the operations of its Data Center Infrastructure by boosting automation and minimising repetitive, error-prone and time-consuming everyday tasks. To help ensure their transition to modern, automated infrastructure was smooth and seamless, we set about our recommended plan of action; defining and maintaining component standards for automation and orchestration capabilities, delivering a flexible, scalable, secure, reliable, resilient, and cost-effective set of IT services.

To help Amadeus continue on its journey to a fully automated environment, our top priority was to setup the necessary tools, frameworks and automated workflow capabilities, which ultimately allowed us to determine the health-check of the infrastructure equipment, such as:

  • Palo Alto and Cisco firewalls
  • F5 Load Balancers
  • IBM San Volume Controller

At the heart of the solution was the AWX/Tower, working in perfect harmony with BitBucket code repository, Amadeus ticketing system (Win@proach) and external applications, triggering the job templates (automation tasks) in the AWX/Tower. The Software solutions Adriatic Networks produced now play a pivotal role in automating the provisioning and maintenance of systems in a distributed infrastructure, whilst we’ve been involved in all cycles of product development, including design, documenting, testing and implementation of automation workflows.

Our approach to identifying a set of technical solutions

As part of our responsibility defining, designing and implementing a large-scale infrastructure automation strategy, we were regularly communicating with ADP’s stakeholders, answering their all-important questions, ensuring every detail was well-defined, from access to applications, encrypting sensitive data and ensuring compliance (GDPR and PCI).

In addition to responding to any queries, we produced a set of technical solutions, meaning we were able to work closely with their team to identify, define and develop the right strategy for their needs. Our goal was to create an environment built on trust, open communication and creative thinking, and we frequently worked in partnership with Operations, participating in development meetings to ensure infrastructure was clearly identified, agreed and actioned for every stage of the project.

With a strong reputation in the travel industry for building critical solutions that help airlines, airports, hotels and railways, search engines, travel agencies and travel agencies run their operations; Amadeus continues to “shape a better future of travel”. Here at Adriatic Networks, we’re incredibly proud of the progress we’ve made so far, helping a likeminded, forward-thinking organisation save time, eliminate variability, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.