About Us

Adriatic Networks delivers flexible automation solutions; helping organisations streamline tedious processes, improve performance and scale. Our tailored infrastructure automation services modernise environments on network, server and application levels – accelerating deployment whilst freeing up valuable time.

Helping our clients seamlessly migrate from traditional infrastructure to automated environments, we work closely with our customers, taking their goals, challenges, vision and best practices into account to build and deploy new automated processes and workflows. We provide the foundation for DevOps/NetOps transformation by introducing various software tools and processes such as: Automation frameworks, Version control, CI/CD, IaaC etc.

Painlessly Simple Infrastructure Automation​

Our mission is fairly straightforward: “to make the journey towards modern, automated networks, systems and applications simple, smooth and painless.” By embracing the principles of DevOps/NetOps, we offer our customers huge rewards, such as reduced operational costs, faster and more frequent new services, more responsive business operations, quicker service delivery and accelerated time-to-revenue, as well as rapid troubleshooting, RCA and service restoration.

Combining our extensive technical experience with a deep understanding of traditional IP networks (such as MPLS, DC, Telecom), we remain at the forefront of the latest advancements in the field of automation, whilst our dependable team has an expert understanding on the many complex challenges large organisations face when streamlining repetitive tasks. In addition to becoming a leading automation solution provider, we offer a huge range of education services, helping small and large teams broaden their knowledge, skills and expertise in automation, modern IP/DC networks and programming to eliminate manual work, improve reliability and reduce human error.

How can Adriatic Networks help you?

ADRIATIC NETWORKS INT LTD (D.O.O.) was established in 2018 by Franjo Pongrac in response to high demand for highly skilled automation professionals and pioneering solutions that can tackle the challenges of significant growth in DC, Telecom and Cloud infrastructure. Many organisations across the globe are under increasing pressure to automate everyday operations and services workflows, and our growing team is equipped to design, develop and implement automation strategies, ensuring forward-thinking businesses retain their competitive edge, continuing to innovative and evolve in their competitive marketplace. Our company headquarters is situated in Zagreb, Croatia’s northwestern capital, serving customers worldwide, whilst we have years of experience assisting leading enterprises throughout Europe.

If you’d like to learn more about us, or wish to speak to us about your existing infrastructure and workflows, please do not hesitate to send us a message and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

General Information

  • Full company name - ADRIATIC NETWORKS INT d.o.o. za usluge
  • Short company name - ADRIATIC NETWORKS INT d.o.o.
  • Company headquarters - Ujevićeva ulica 17c, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
  • Contact information - Ujevićeva ulica 17c, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
    Tel: +385 91 460 3001
    Web site: www.adriaticnetworks.com
    E-mail: info@adriaticnetworks.com
  • VAT-ID - HR93693936521
  • Legal form - LTD (d.o.o.)
  • Registration - The company is registered at the Commercial Court in Zagreb under MBS 081202917. Bank account IBAN HR1523600001102730729 at Zagrebačka banka, Zagreb.
  • Original stock - HRK 20.000,00, paid in full
  • Managing Director - Franjo Pongrac